Welcome to the CO Learning Network

August 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

We’re still putting the house together here, but in case you’re wondering:

The CoLearning Network (CLN) will provide a community for collaborative learning and work. The network will feature:
• Collective work space for projects
• Support for work and learning not necessarily available within members’ own school districts
• A calendar of network learning events, including monthly conversations

CLN’s mission is to help transform professional learning…
…from instruction to inquiry …from seat time to outcomes …from isolation to community
By changing the way in which adults learn, the CoLearning Network will help change the learning we provide to our students.

The CLN will launch in September 2011. The theme for the first series of events will be Digital Citizenship. In September, CLN will offer its first Learn/Build project group, Developing the Democratic Classroom, led by Stevan Kalmon and Nancy White.

Join us! Send an email to info@C21L.org to be informed of events as they begin or become a member of the site by creating an account.

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